January 12, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 (GoalForTheHappyEnding)

Guest wut??my blog has not been updated for so long..heheee..i told u that i'm not good in blogging..ok..let start with wishing u guys a very happy new year..may u have a prosperous new year ahead :) new year is the day that marks the beginning of a new calender year..many cities and countries across the world celebrate the new year..the celebrations usually include a fireworks display and other festivities, as well as other traditions varying by culture and country.. the best part is people normally will stay up late to see the old year out and the new year in..

as for me, i was having my new year celebration at Desa Park City since last year..it was fun having all my love around during the celebration..there was also a performance played before reaching 12 midnight...we made a huge production of counting down the hour and then we broke out the noise makers and yelled "Happy New Year!!" :) 

just so u know..this year would be the year that i need to focus more as i'm planning 'to complete my single time' insyaAllah :) so guys..always pray wuts the best for me k as i'm always pray wuts the best for all of u. insyaAllah :) take care..one LOVE!


  1. weeeee rinie blogging jugak?hehehe..same here,it's the year to complete my single status!hehe.good luck babe!insyaAllah everything will goes smoothly :)

  2. heheheee...baru start nak blogging..lama kot xupdate..xtau lah tahan sampai bile..hehehe..yup2..ok aai..lets pray wuts the best for us..hope it will turn out good insyaAllah..:)all the best to u..jgn lupa jemput ok..hehehee

  3. hehehe..insyAllah.all the best to u too.rinie wajib dtg okay!hehehe