January 13, 2011

HAPPINESS boosters!

For a quick feel-good pick-me-up:
  • book in for a massage
  • sing along with song u love.SING LOUD!in ur car okay..dun try to do it in public..heheh..unless u go for a karaoke session :)
  • buy yourself good chocolates..more chocolates..hik3x
  • hit ur fav cafe for quality me-mochacinno and magazine time..i love MOCHA (MoKA) :D
  • do sumthing nice for someone u love..:)
  • sit outside when night is falling and watch the stars come out..emm i rather sit still in front of the PC and surf the internet..
how happy u are in your life is not due to chance of luck but to your attitude towards what happens to u
~Stephanie Osfield~

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