January 15, 2011

Trip to Pangkor Island


Pangkor Island, is one of the few remaining unspoilt island in Peninsular Malaysia just a 30 minutes ride on the large ferry...One way to absorb the local culture is to experience first hand some of its attractions. The trip were involved with two families..The Suhaimi's family and The Rosli's family..:) we were planning our trip to Pangkor a few months before..Before heading to Lumut Jetty, we stop by to have our superb Rojak  in Setiawan..located few minutes before the Lumut Jetty..and it is near to my uncle house..i recommend u to try this rojak..sangat2 sedap ok!

Once we arrive at Lumut jetty (it took 1 hour drive from Ipoh to Lumut), we parked our car at the Multi Storey Covered Car Park at Lumut..Personally, this car park is quite safe if compared to others outdoor car park as I could see there are guards at every level..The parking fee is RM10 for 24 hours...Nowadays the old boat no longer in service & now using high speedboat to travel. It took 20-25 minutes to reach our destination. Seems we all so excited, can't wait to make our feet touch on the sandy beach...:)

Upon arrive on Pangkor Island we were fully gear up!..Then, we hopped on to a mini bus which drives us straight to the resort..(Coral Bay Resort)..we booked a penthouse with 3 bedrooms for our 3D2N stays...cost at RM400 per night..we prefer sitting in a room together..easy to chit-chatting..:) After a few hours sitting in a room, then we decided to walk on the beach and thinking of doing something crazy..and guess wut??Yes, the Banana boat that i'm talking about...Is cool when everyone sitting on the top which ride in the top speed & turn a sharp corner just a split second. Splash!!! Everyone fall into sea. Woo~ Hoo~ that was fun..end of Day 1....

at Coral Bay Resort
DAY 2 

We start our day 2 with some breakfast...provided in our package..we woke at 7am..and we had opportunity to see the horn-bills that live around the resort...then we went for round island trip to several beaches..we did snorkeling also..and later lepak2 and taking pictures at the beach..:) After having our nice moment lepaking at the beach, then we had our so called hi-tea session..having laksa, mee goreng n Air Kelapa!..At night we just chill at one of the seafood restaurant near the resort..end of Day 2..

The Suhaimi's (without Kak Long)

The Rosli's (without Kak Long)

Day 3 (Last Day)

As usual..start the day with some breakfast at one of the Gerai just in front of the resort...then we went for a morning walk at the beach..taking pictures as always..:)..moms gossiping..and the children listening to the gossip..heheh..and enjoy the moment before heading back..

Overall it was a good trip for bonding - the chats during the journey and memories of our trip to Pangkor Island..really looking forward to the next vacay!!

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  1. nak tanya, penthouse kat coral bay resort tu ohsom x? sbb plan nk stay kat sna..service and keadaan penthouse tu cmne ek?