January 13, 2011

PHUKET trip! (Day 1)

We start our trip by booking an Air Asia ticket a year before the traveling period..It was like a tradition for Air Asia to offer in a lower rate..The two way flight from KL to Phuket cost RM99 per person, courtesy of Air Asia..book early for such promotions and..as cliche as this may sound..EVERYONE CAN FLY..really can FLY..:) we took a bus from KL Sentral to LCCT which takes about an hour..cost at RM9.00 for one way..And our flight to Phuket took us mere TWO hours..from 7.20 am Malaysia time and arrived at 7.50am Thailand time..(Thailand 2 hrs late from Malaysia)..



Arriving at Phuket International Airport, we were greeted by our tour guide Mr.Sampan..hehee..(such a nice and funny guy with nice teeth)..hahah..we have booked our accommodation through Malaysian Travel Agency ZH Bumi Leisure (recommended)..cost at RM300 per person for 3D2N..Our first day at Phuket was spent mainly touring around streets..

Phuket International Airport

First Visit - not sure the name of this shop

Highland Bee Farm

Highland Bee Farm


Phuket Rifle Shooting Association

Happy Sale shop

having our lunch at one of the restaurant in Phuket beach
so called 'Look Out Point'

Finally after a long touring we checked into our hotel at Seeka Boutique. I had been looking forward to this stay. The room was nice and comfortable but the view wasn't as nice as what we had expected :)..After a good rest in the hotel..we decided to have a night walk at Patong Beach..we asked for direction and we manage to get there by ourselves which takes about half an hour walking..huhuhu

otw to Patong Beach

Patong Beach

Since our package only provide us meal for Breakfast, we need to find a place to have our dinner and Alhamdulillah we manage to find one HALAL restaurant at Patong street called Royal Tandoor. Then we continued with our street tour :)


  1. Thank you for posting.
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  2. Thanks for sharing your Phuket experience,
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