May 26, 2014


Hello 2014..

....only now I know that I can use my smartphone for mobile blogging..which means another method of publishing to a website from a mobile now I can post a write-ups directly from my phones even when on the!

Btw, my last post was abt my wedding timeline part 1..6 mnths till my wedding wedding date is on the dh almost 2 yrs tak blog..haruslah bnyk benda nak update..tu pn klu ade masa hehehee..

Alhamdulillah saya telah sah menjadi  seorang isteri kepada suami saya , Mohammad Khairul Anuar dan seorang ibu kepada Khaer Muzafhar..😆

...and about all my photos previously saya upload dekat my blog semua dh 'ter' smue tak sengaja..hrtu saya ade perasan semua pics yg upload dekat blog ade dlm takut phone punya memory low so I decided to delete everything..tak tau pulak when I deleted those photos it will effect my blog hehhee...but u still can enjoy my write-up tanpa gambar..geee~~