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January 26, 2011

Our Trip to Kuching Sarawak (Last Day)!

Okay, this is the post for Kuching trip Last Day..Since we have yet to try any meals from Sarawak, we decided to get our Mee Kolok and our Sarawak Laksa as our whatever happens...We have been told by the people here that Mee Kolok at Haji Salleh Restaurant was the best Mee Kolok (Kolok Mee) ever..Finally we found the place and manage to get our Mee Kolok and Laksa Sarawa..fuhhh!For your info..Kolok Mee refers to a dry version of noodles originating from Sarawak (I stand corrected). It is sometimes known as Sarawak Kolo Mee or simply Kolok Mee..The cost of having this Kolok Mee is at RM5.50 per bowl..taste more like fried maggi mee with a bowl of sup..:) and as for Sarawak Laksa..taste like Curry Mee..:)

Kolok Mee

Sarawak Laksa

Then, we visited the Sarawak State Museum and Sarawak Art Museum...All the museum are FREE entries. Sarawak State Museum was the oldest museum in Borneo..established in year 1888 and opened in 1891..We manage to took pictures from outside building only as camera is prohibited inside the building..

After spending a few hours taking pictures, we then decided to have our last minute shopping at Kampung Boyan which is located opposite the waterfront area before heading back to the airport..They provide the boat service at cost only RM 0.50 for one way trip..:)

at Kampung Boyan

Overall i think the trip was fun and enjoy..can be considered as an under-budget trip..i only spent nearly RM500 for the hotel, car rental, entrance fees and shopping for ole-ole..:) c u later!



  1. Miss the Sio Bee there !!!

    Below is my link over there

  2. So, are you planning to come and visit Sarawak once more? You know there is much more to see other than where you are right now. If you are interested and couldn't get is a link that will help you to see more what is there in Sarawak.