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January 26, 2011

The Best Friends | BFF

A best friend is always there for you..They love you no matter what you do..They know how you are inside out..They listen and trust you without a doubt..No matter how near or far away...Importantly they will talk to you any day...They lift you up when your feeling down...Remember to pray..Be thankful to God every day..A best friend is a blessing..I know this is true..Without my best friend..I don't know what I'd do..:)

I count myself lucky to have a handful of truly good friends..We were born to be friends like many experience we have been through together..all the good and bad things...we never fail to update and contact with each other..we used to play together, eat together and the best part is laugh together..u can never imagine how good was have your friends around and do some silly things :) Even we had our own ways of living..we still manage to maintain the closeness among each other..whatever happen we will always be friends forever..To my dear friends..I don't know how to begin to express my appreciation to u..u mean so much to me..more than u could possibly know..I just can't imagine not having u guys in my life..u filled my heart with hope and happiness..Thanks for being there for me no matter how bad and out i am..:) I'm not that bad kan??heheee..LOVE u guys so much!xoxo!


  1. sayang kamu!!even kte jauh,tp kamu tetap di hati!!cant wait for ur e-day my dear!!muahhh!!

  2. hehehee..same goes to u my dear..cant wait either..nervous je mcm..hahahaa

  3. haha!jgn nebes2 okey..kang satg takut tersadung depan mak mertua!!win..windu deyh ngn korng!!!

  4. hahaha..kalau tersadung..suhlah org sambut..kmu sambut ok since berat kamu semakin mendadak dan terdpt kekuatan lebihan..hehehe..windu korang jugak!