January 12, 2011

A Video To My Mother On Her Birthday

Thinking about what to give on mama's birthday was very exciting. We wanted to have something different..something that she will never forget and always remember the beautiful memories throughout her life :).. After a long period of thinking what to have, then we decided to make a video which has been called as a portrait of love. That video was dedicated from 4 of us (Kak Long, Me, Amin n Naya)...Just so u know ...she was crying after seeing this video..hehehe..over and over again without fail..hik3x..luv u so much mama..keep on watching it if u miss us ok..:)

We also took her out for a dinner to celebrate her birthday at Bora Asmara Sg. Penchala..At first we wanted to surprise her by not telling her where to go..too bad we do not know the way to get there and end up the birthday girl is the one who give us the direction and says "ni jalan mama lah..semua selok belok kat area sini mama tahu"..hahaha..though i've been thre recently, i still can't quite remember how to get there..hik3x...Bora Asmara is a restaurant nestled within the kampung neighborhood and it is towards the Balinese style..open air and spacious enough..The food was ok to me but i just love the ambiance which is superbly romantic..And the best part is there was a band that comes around each table to sing for the guest and they sang a birthday song for mama's birthday...then we request other songs such as Maher Zain and one more i can't remember..:) overall we enjoyed ourselves and surely will make another visit again :)

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