February 25, 2011

Appreciate What You Have Now

yup..its been awhile..:) actually i had a tough day this week..i was injured while playing badminton..sprained ankle ok!..hehee..honestly speaking it was funny yet it is hurt...but dun worry..everything will be just fine..i went to see a doctor and they gave me pills to make sure it is ok..:) the most important part is..i got 2 days MC due to the injury..weehooo!..hehehe.. now Alhamdulillah is getting better..only had bruises on the leg..

So, what is the relationship between this story and my title..emmm..what i really want to say is..appreciate what u have now..really mean it..have u ever ask yourself..what life is all about..?? everyone who entitles to their own opinion agrees on something different..to me, life is something precious given to us to live in such a short period of time...whatever it is we do, whomever we let come into our lives is what and how we make it precious...but sometimes we have that empty feeling, that empty space that we need to fill in...either if it's just an empty piece of the puzzle, or a hole to fill into our heart....sometimes that one thing comes sooner than later, or vice versa..

We do not know whether what we have now will last forever..only Allah swt knows what will happen to us today, tomorrow and the day after and after..Normally, people often focus on what they want, and not on what they already have..it sometimes may lead you to take things for granted..Rather than thinking of what you wish you could have, why not first take some time to reflect on what you have right now? Express gratitude for everything you have in your life...Once you can acknowledge and be thankful for what you have, then you can move on to ask for more..So,take time to appreciate what u have now..your life, your family, your loved once..Humans' main reason of being unhappy is that we always are not satisfied with what blessings we have , in order to be satisfied we have to appreciate more what Allah swt gave us..feel free to be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest!

February 21, 2011

How To Overcome the Monday Blues.sigh!

  1.  To overcome the Monday blues, plan ahead for what you want to get out of the Monday. If you have a set goal, this will be an incentive to get out of bed, and head to work. When you have something exciting planned out for the week, you will look forward to Monday.
  2. Wear a nice color that will uplift your spirit. Different colors have different effects on each individual. If you find that red makes you feel happier, then wear something red to work on Mondays.
  3. Mondays can be fun, if you have exciting news to share with your friends. Things sometimes happens over the weekend, that you usually want to share with your friends. This can get you in the mood for Mondays.
  4. When you wake up, embrace the day, remember that it is not going to last forever. If you keep a positive attitude throughout the day, it will go much faster and you won't have to endure the Monday blues.

February 20, 2011

Studying and Working

How to balance studying with working?I think it is different when u studying full-time and working while studying..it gives u different hope i guess..when u studying full-time, u actually focus more on whatever task given..but when u working while studying..u got so many things that u have to think and consider..the responsibility is more compare when u studying full-time..Just so u know..i am now continuing my masters degree in UiTM Shah Alam and at the same time i'm working at DBKL..

It is hard at first to coop with everything when u have two different situation..situation that u need to go to work and at the same time u need to prepare yourself to be a student..(org nak belajar..die pun sebok nak belajar jugak)..hahaha..but i take that as a challenge..at first, i cannot be more serious in attending classes coz im the type of person who only focus on one thing..it takes sometimes for me to balance in the situation..alhamdulillah now i manage to get through it n still looking forward to reach the final line..:)

What i noticed, the advantage of studying and working is obviously the financial one..u can afford tuition, buy text books and pay for all other costs of living, such as rent and food..and another advantage is that those school and work tend to have better time management skills than those who are only attending school..This can translate to better grades, as those studying while working make time to study perhaps..but it depends..sometimes when u studying part time..normally u will mix around with people who has a working experience of 3-5 yrs at least..so i think u will face the problem of having the lack of confidence where u will find your classmate have talent in explaining the current situation with the high level of confident..wheres u will feel that u do not have any good...but dun worry..its a normal feeling..but if u think of the positive way..u can actually enhance your thinking skills..

Some of the biggest negatives associated with studying while working include fatigue and possibly missing out on fun extra curricular activities. In addition, some may have a hard time juggling a full-time work and school load. If this is the case, students who work either sacrifice their grades in favor of their job performance, or sacrifice their work for their grades..So, i would like to share with u guys on the time management tips to help u balance working and school at the same time :) enjoy reading!
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to people: The first step is to understand what you can realistically handle. Then, be honest about what you do and don’t have time (and energy) to follow through with, in terms of social, work-related and scholastic activities.
  • Don’t procrastinate: You need to allow yourself plenty of time for both work and school assignments so as not to create too much stress in your life caused by cramming at the last minute. Even if the deadline for an assignment seems far away, start it immediately. You may just finish early and have one more item you can cross off your busy "to do" list.
  • Don’t take too many courses at one time: It’s okay if you take a bit longer than normal to get your degree. Remember, you can attend school year-round, even in the summer. It’s better to do one course at a time, if necessary, than let your education suffer as a result.
  • Earn course credit for working: Some schools accept life credits or even give credit for your job, so don’t be afraid to ask. Also, keep in mind transfer credits if you’ve ever attended school in the past.
  • Inform your employer that you’re attending school while working: You may be surprised at how accommodating your boss can be. Some may give you more flexible hours or allow you to take more time off to meet your school needs. Keep in mind that you should be able to return the courtesy and give your employer plenty of notice if you need time off for exams or other school obligations.
    Similarly, your company may have a plan in place to help with your tuition, depending on what you’re studying and whether it benefits your current career path. It’s worth looking in to what education benefits your job may offer.
  • Look for schools with flexible class schedules: Good options include institutions with online degree programs or night school options that more easily lend themselves to full-time workers (more on this below).
  • Make a schedule & stick to it: Map out your work and school schedule, as well as time for doing class work. Ideally, doing each one part-time, or 20 hours per week, works best. If this isn’t an option, decide which one can be cut back to part-time status. The key is to make a schedule that you can not only stick to but that also gives you enough time to properly study.
  • Remember to sleep: If you don’t make time for enough sleep, you won’t function as effectively, making both your work and studying take longer. While you may think that staying up late helps you get more done, in the long run, it slows you down and causes stresses. Taking proper care of yourself helps you perform at your best. 

Hope this tips will help u out..one thing for sure u need to remember..'bukan mudah nak jadi senang dan apabila anda berusaha untuk mendapatkan sesuatu yang susah itu, bila ianya sudah dicapai..anda akan rasa puas dan hargainya sampai bila-bila' (apa lah yg aku merepek ni) hahahaa...chiows..salam!

February 19, 2011

E-Day | 12.2.11

A traditional Malay Wedding, before it becomes a reality, must in the beginning start with the following two delightful preliminaries, namely "the Merisik" (spying) and "the Pertunangan" (engagement)..The Malay traditional engagement ceremony actually crystallizes the verbal agreement made during the previous Merisik process. the highlight of this so called E-Day will be the putting of the engagement ring on the fiance's finger by future mother-in law..:)

On the appointed date and time, a delegation from the groom led by his close family members and relatives will arrive at the bride’s home.As are usual for traditional engagement ceremonies of Malays, they will bring with them either seven or nine items of gifts(they are usually in odd numbers), carried in a decorated tray or dulang, and includes the most important item which is the engagement ring.When everyone has been seated on the floor of the house in a sort of a circle, with the hantaran items in the middle, then the session starts with preliminary speeches of welcome and introductions – of course in a jovial and friendly manner.

With both sides alternately addressing each other about the coming union, reference is frequently made on the agreements reached during the Merisik session previously, but mainly to restate and reaffirm what were agreed then. After discussion and agreements have been achieved, then, as is the Malay custom, the highlight of the traditional engagement ceremony or Pertunangan is the putting of the engagement ring on the would-be bride by the future mother–in-law. 

At the end of the traditional engagement ceremony, before the man’s delegation leaves for home, the exchange of hantaran items will be carried out. As is the normal Malay custom, the girl’s family will add an additional two trays of items in the exchange. For instance, if the man’s side brought seven trays, then nine trays of items will be handed over by the girl’s side. And everybody will leave happy and contented in the knowledge that there will be a union of families and they will all be looking forward to the Big Day...the Wedding..insyaAllah :)
my family
with Papa & Mama

the BFF
putting the ring :)

from HIM to HER
from HER to HIM

February 18, 2011

Surprise Picnic for Abg Daus Birthday!

alright alright..its been awhile i didn't update my blog..so many things happened in a month or two..i will try to share with you little by little..heheh..just so u know..i had just become engaged..alhamdulillah everything went smoothly..syukur pada Allah swt...ok ok..lets go back to the original story..which is about a "Surprise Picnic for Abg Daus Birthday"..who is Abg Daus??my uncle?nooo..my bf??definately nooo...Abg Daus is actually my brother in law..(my sister's husband)..hehee

Today (18.2.2011) is his birthday but we wanted to surprise him a day before the exact date..not to be so cocky but we are actually expert in surprising peoples big day (birthday)..hehee..so our mastermind for the day is his wife..my Kak Long..of course..duhh!..we planned the so called surprise picnic few days before..and we invited chu ann and her soldier (Aimann) and princess (Aina) to take part also..:D we decided to have the surprise at Desa Park City (DPC) since the celebration is on the weekdays which is the working day :) 

We had a night picnic at DPC to celebrate his birthday..it is cool to have such environment..n the best part is, there was a fireworks around the DPC because of the last day of CNY celebration...Overall we did enjoy our night..Neways, Happy 28th Birthday Abg Daus..''rini doakan abg daus dan kak long dimurahkan rezki dan dipanjangkan umur..terima kasih kerana sudi jaga kak long dan terima kak long seadanya..dan terima kasih jugak sebab bawa rini jalan2''..hehehe...chioww!

menanti kedatangan org yg diraikan

dup dap dup dap!hahaa


February 2, 2011

HomeMade Cookies For SALE!

Don't have time to bake? Don't want the mess of mixing, rolling, and cleaning up after? Order Qiss's Chocolate Cadburry Cookies..the taste is sooo good...cost only at RM25 per bottle (55pcs)

February 1, 2011

HiGoat Milk Powder-Untuk DiJUAL Dengan Harga Yang MURAH!

Susu kambing kaya dengan protien, enzim dan mengandungi faktor anti penuaan, antiarthritis serta antibarah. Ia mengandungi antibodi untuk merawat penyakit gastrik, demam kuning, lelah, penyakit kulit, memulih tenaga batin, sakit jantung peringkat awal, ulser perut serta membantu dalam pembentukan tulang dan gigi

  • Susu Terbaik Di Dunia Selepas Susu Ibu
  • Tidak Menyebabkan Alahan
  • Susu Terbaik Bagi Mereka Yang Alah Dengan Susu Lembu Atau Susu Soya
  • Menguatkan Sistem Imunisasi Tubuh
  • Susu Kambing Bersifat Alkali Manakala Susu Lembu Bersifat Asidik
  • Mengimbangi Kandungan Gula Dalam Darah
  • Membantu Menyembuhkan Penyakit-Penyakit Seperti Asma, Semput, Demam Kuning, Ulser Perut, Buasir,
  • Darah Tinggi, Jantung Dan Sebagainya
  • Meningkatkan Tenaga Dan Tenaga Batin
  • Awet Muda
  • Meningkatkan Jisim Tubuh, Tulang dan Otot Yang Sihat
  • Melancarkan Sistem Penghadaman Dan Perut
  • Baik Untuk Ibu-ibu Selepas Bersalin Yang Menyusukan Anak
  • Tingkatkan Daya Kepekaan, Penumpuan Dan Perkembangan Otak

Produk Untuk DiJUAL!