January 25, 2011

Our Trip to Kuching Sarawak (Part 2)!

On the Day 2 trip..we were more to so called adventures tour..thinking of hiking..diving (boleh ke?)..uuuuu~~hehe..we start the day with some breakfast near Pasar Satok area as there is no breakfast included in our hotel package..(sorry guys for not having your heaven breakfast..tengok2 and ambil bau pn ok kan??hahah)

Place where we were having our BreakFast :)
After having breakfast, we took a 30++min journey to Bako National Park..and we have to take 20min boat ride there..We don't need map this time as we know how to use GPS using my BB..after so many times of trying..weehooo!hehee..just so u know..we are actually not preparing to have our hiking session while in Kuching..we thought just to have our jalan-jalan cari pasal..hehee..so our suit is not meant for hiking purposes..wearing t-shirt (acceptable) with flip-flop and jeans! (unacceptable)..hahaha..and and and..with handbags ok!terer tak??

otw to National Park

at National Park before heading for a boat trip
Boat trip was fun..we are not looking for a nice and cozy boat trip but we are actually  experiencing an island hopping ok!this was the best experience ever (sakit bontot ooo)huhu..since the weather is unstable we have to ride the boat in the rain and there is no covered roof provided..uuuuu!(memang lencun)

before island hopping..siap boleh msg2..amik2 pic..:D

We got off the boat and walked to the beach..its not really  a beach though..more to harden-mud-soil but the scenery was awesome...S.O.S!..and we get wet!!After taking picture we started our hiking journey into the Bako Hills..Forget to mention..the entrance Fees to National Park is RM10 per person and Boat Riding fees is RM94 per boat.

lencun ok..hahaa

look at the flip-flop..amazing kan??hehee
we decided to choose Teluk Paku beach as our pit stop

otw to Teluk Paku
Bako's extensive trail system is made up of 16 colour-coded jungle trails which offer a range of walking and hiking options. The fit and adventures can opt for full-day jungle hikes or overnight camping expeditions, whilst those who prefer to take it easy can opt for a relaxing forest walk. As there are so many trails provided and looking at the time limitation, we decided to start our hiking to Teluk Paku...the shortest trails among others if i'm not mistaken..hehee.. Heading to Teluk Paku Beach takes about one hour and passes through cliff forest with 0.8km...For those who really wanted to spent their precious time appreciating the nature creatures, i suggest u stay overnight for a few days in National Bako Park. Therefore u manage to experience all the trails provided...not to worry..There are chalet and resort provided in National Bako Park..After arriving Teluk Paku, we dont aspect to see such beach coz the beach is not that beautiful to be honest..huhuhuh..There are natural debris in the form of dead trees branches and tiny rock shrapnel that require proper maintenance..But because of the time limitation, we try to appreciate the moment as many as we can..We are planning to go to Teluk Assam after having disappointment feeling of Teluk Paku  view but the time is running out and someone get her slipper torn!hahaha..

full of dead branches!huhu
haha..kesian..so amazing!

While waiting to return back to the hotel, we lepak near the cafeteria and we found bearded pig and 'monyet belanda'.. not sure the scientist name..hehehe

bearded pig

Monyet Belanda yang hidungnya panjang :)
At night, we had our dinner at Top Spot Food Court..Topspot is an open air roof top dining area...It’s a place frequented by local and also tourists! The reason why it’s called roof top is because the open air area is right on top of a few storeys tall carpark...It’s a pure HALAL place to find food! On our first night at Kuching we planning to have our dinner here but we not sure whether they served Halal food or not as we saw lots of Chinese restaurant..but there is actually a muslim retaurant.. :)You can have your seafood meal at Muslim Seafood Corner..:)Top Spot is open throughout from Monday to Sunday, but different restaurants take their turn to have their off day..After having dinner we have a night walk just to take pictures of Kuching monument..:)

Seafood Tom Yam

Sotong Goreng Tepung

Ikan Siakap masak 3 rasa

Sayur Sawi Kailan

 End of Day 2...

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  1. wOW... bestnya Bako...insyallah akan ke sana 1 day =)
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