January 12, 2011

MyOtherHalf :)

Ermm..how should i start talking about him..:) ok..frankly speaking, i still can't believe that we are together until now..hik3x..we started our relationship as an office mate..even though we both not so close with each other but we always talked and shared..at first i was the one who shared everything with him..talking about myself, my problems, my interest..all about me..I'm not sure at that time whether he really interested to listen to my stories or was created to hear..hahaa..but after a long period...he started to let himself share everything about him and from there we started become closer..there are so many things happened before and within the time..such as 'tarik tali' incident, masam-masam muka, ego-ego and all the normal action for people who wanted attention :) and i was very patient facing all the incident at that time..(no specific reasons)..unbelievable ok!:) but whatever it is i do believe things happen for a reason..nothing happens by chance or by means of luck :) sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there..to serve some sort of purpose, teach u lesson or help figure out who u are or who u want to become...yup...he did all this to me..:)

And after meeting with both family, we decided to be more serious in the relationship..and started to know each other, understand each other..to be honest it is hard sometimes to get into other peoples life when we come from the different worlds..understanding each other is very important..it is actually a key to a healthy relationship..begins with open, honest and two-ways communication..not to forget sometimes u also need to sacrifice for things to be good..Alhamdulillah we manage to get through it and still learning and helping each other..:)

'Kalau kita ikhlas semua benda jadi mudah'..we always hold on to this quote which is created by me and until now he thought i imitate other people quote..hik3x..whatever we do..always think of a good thing..insyaAllah everything will turn out fine..So, how to know if he's the one..together we pray :) i never knew i needed him..thanks for staying in my life and thanks for the happiness u brought to my life MoKA :) I will always <3 u..always pray for us ok guys :)


  1. betul rini, ALWAYS communicate. suka ke tak suka ke jgn simpan dlm. if you suka, say it - so that he knows he's appreciated. if tak suka, say it - so that he can understand you better :)

    moga berbahagia & bermanja2 smpai tua kerepot :)

  2. hehee..tulah..masih dalam pembelajaran..hehehee...sampai tua kerepot?ohh..insyaAllah..nak tua vogue boleh x?hahahaa