January 13, 2011

My Birthday Celebration | FullOfSurprises!

I was born in 30th June 1985...Last year birthday was full of surprises..what can i say..my birthday was the most amazing day of my life!!Honestly speaking..I absolutely had NO idea of any plans and can't believe YOU ALL were able to keep it a secret and planning such a great surprises..hehe..even the outcome does not looks so surprise..i mean my expression and it was 3 days before my birthday..hehehe..For the first surprise that has been made by my family and friends..my MoKA were instructed to play the main role by taking me out for a while..having lunch..dinner..lepaking..and any other activities to slow down the moment until the time where all have gathered to begin the agenda..the agenda to surprise me..

while waiting..cepatlah nak balik..bosan tau..hahaaa

time nilah nak beli bantal bagai..urghh!:p
Times UP!time to go back...while happy and cant wait to be back home..he then asked to have Yong Tau Foo at Uptown..(katanya teringin..urghh!hahaa)..ding dong ding dong..ok lets go home!hehehe...After arriving home, i was suspect something might happen coz the house was so dark at that time..but i act normal..:) I knocked on the door and the door flung open..all of sudden I heard "SURPRISE" and lights were flashing...hahahah...The feeling was indescribable..even i don't show too much of expression..hahaaa.. i was overwhelmed with joy and love..Thanks all for the great thought!!:)

My Family - Love u guys!

Thanks Kak Long for the birthday cake and Som Nana for the sushi cakes :)

Birthday Girl :)

the secret keeper..salut!hahaaa

The supporters..hehee

The supporters..hehee

Love u both!

The JPPHian :D

The surprise continue until the day of my birthday..i have been asked by MoKA to take an annual leave on my birthday and was informed to have an outdoor photography session at Broga Hills..Night before, he asked me to standby early in the morning coz we're leaving about 6am in the morning ..(sgt awal ok!!)..we headed to..emm...have no idea to be honest..then suddenly i realize that we heading to the airport..and he said he wanted to bring me back to his hometown..hahaa..(cuak jugak..nasib dress up sopan..hehehe)..Ater arriving at LCCT he then asked for my IC to check-in the flight..while waiting till our flight calls in..i feels like the flight is going to Langkawi...I was so excited..actually to Penang..(realized after arriving to Penang)..hahaha

muka cuak dan blur..hahaa

blur lagi..

otw to the flight..
Needless to say i was stunned!or say I was surprised would be the understatement of the year..He managed to plan this one day trip without me having a clue..After arriving to Penang, we have rented car to go for touring..without knowing that he will bring me to my BFF house (yun) to have my 2nd birthday celebration..hahaaa..how cool was dat!!..He did not fail to surprise me tho..urghh..i have to admit that he really good in it..good in keeping secret..:) After having a good gossip session with som yun, then we proceed with our touring and shooting session..hehehee..

Penang Airport

at my BFF hse..Thanks fr the birthday cake!!

Penang Ferry

Butterfly Farm
Hard Rock Penang

Masjid di Penang..(tak sure nama mesjid ni ape)hehe

at komtar Walk
at Fort Cornwallis Penang
my birthday gift..heheh..
It's the most beautiful moment in my life..thanks ALL for the great moment..and to my MoKA..thanks fr everything..:) one LOVE!


  1. besnyee..a day full of suprise,nasib xder heart attack kan win??luv u sommsss!muahh!!

  2. tu lah psl..plg xsangka boleh jumpa kamu yg jauh tuuuu!!heheheee..love u back!