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January 14, 2011

OnHisBirthday | MoKA

Thinking of some surprise birthday ideas for him...emm..since his birthday is during the month of Ramadhan ..I'm therefore planning to have some sort of relaxing take him away for a short trip is really out of the first i'm planning to have his surprise party near to the park area with all of his close friends together with all of my supporters..suddenly all of them can't make it except his own BFF (Najmi)..hehehe..End up we decided to have it at my Family's with full of surprises..heheh..Before throwing a surprise for him, we went for a window shopping and having sushi to slow down the always..hahaha..Then after arriving at my the door..and..SURPRISE!!...he was shocked and overwhelmed..:) (mcm nak nangis tp cover kot)..hahahaa..Then the birthday boy belanja us at Ayam Golek Kota Damansara..hehehee


with birthday boy
Abg Daus, Najmi, birthday boy and Amin
Ayam Golek Kota Damansara

The next day, i took him for 'berbuka puasa' at KGPA (Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam) Bukit Kiara..I have booked the package few days before..just so u know..we both not good in eating buffet package..mcm membazir..coz we do not eat all the food served..but whatever is it..we definitely enjoyed having it..hehee..After having dinner..we went for photo-shoot.. :) 

otw to KGPA
show off!hahaa

in front of KGPA

Birthday Boy


  1. kepada en.MoKA yang baru join blog saya..sila lah beri komen psl anda ini..hahaha

  2. en moka malu win...tgh nangis terharu kot bc entry ni,give him time for a while..hehe~

  3. tu lah pasal..hahaha..xterkata kot..:D

  4. hehe sy sgt terharu.sekian terima kasih.
    p/s saya sayang awak

  5. hehee..kamu nak kte uploadkan pic terharu kamu tu ke?hahaha