February 19, 2011

E-Day | 12.2.11

A traditional Malay Wedding, before it becomes a reality, must in the beginning start with the following two delightful preliminaries, namely "the Merisik" (spying) and "the Pertunangan" (engagement)..The Malay traditional engagement ceremony actually crystallizes the verbal agreement made during the previous Merisik process. the highlight of this so called E-Day will be the putting of the engagement ring on the fiance's finger by future mother-in law..:)

On the appointed date and time, a delegation from the groom led by his close family members and relatives will arrive at the bride’s home.As are usual for traditional engagement ceremonies of Malays, they will bring with them either seven or nine items of gifts(they are usually in odd numbers), carried in a decorated tray or dulang, and includes the most important item which is the engagement ring.When everyone has been seated on the floor of the house in a sort of a circle, with the hantaran items in the middle, then the session starts with preliminary speeches of welcome and introductions – of course in a jovial and friendly manner.

With both sides alternately addressing each other about the coming union, reference is frequently made on the agreements reached during the Merisik session previously, but mainly to restate and reaffirm what were agreed then. After discussion and agreements have been achieved, then, as is the Malay custom, the highlight of the traditional engagement ceremony or Pertunangan is the putting of the engagement ring on the would-be bride by the future mother–in-law. 

At the end of the traditional engagement ceremony, before the man’s delegation leaves for home, the exchange of hantaran items will be carried out. As is the normal Malay custom, the girl’s family will add an additional two trays of items in the exchange. For instance, if the man’s side brought seven trays, then nine trays of items will be handed over by the girl’s side. And everybody will leave happy and contented in the knowledge that there will be a union of families and they will all be looking forward to the Big Day...the Wedding..insyaAllah :)
my family
with Papa & Mama

the BFF
putting the ring :)

from HIM to HER
from HER to HIM


  1. congratz rinie!u r so cantikkk..love ur dress :)

  2. congrats!!!!like the dress too..like the color..so sweet!!!!