February 18, 2011

Surprise Picnic for Abg Daus Birthday!

alright alright..its been awhile i didn't update my blog..so many things happened in a month or two..i will try to share with you little by little..heheh..just so u know..i had just become engaged..alhamdulillah everything went smoothly..syukur pada Allah swt...ok ok..lets go back to the original story..which is about a "Surprise Picnic for Abg Daus Birthday"..who is Abg Daus??my uncle?nooo..my bf??definately nooo...Abg Daus is actually my brother in law..(my sister's husband)..hehee

Today (18.2.2011) is his birthday but we wanted to surprise him a day before the exact date..not to be so cocky but we are actually expert in surprising peoples big day (birthday)..hehee..so our mastermind for the day is his wife..my Kak Long..of course..duhh!..we planned the so called surprise picnic few days before..and we invited chu ann and her soldier (Aimann) and princess (Aina) to take part also..:D we decided to have the surprise at Desa Park City (DPC) since the celebration is on the weekdays which is the working day :) 

We had a night picnic at DPC to celebrate his birthday..it is cool to have such environment..n the best part is, there was a fireworks around the DPC because of the last day of CNY celebration...Overall we did enjoy our night..Neways, Happy 28th Birthday Abg Daus..''rini doakan abg daus dan kak long dimurahkan rezki dan dipanjangkan umur..terima kasih kerana sudi jaga kak long dan terima kak long seadanya..dan terima kasih jugak sebab bawa rini jalan2''..hehehe...chioww!

menanti kedatangan org yg diraikan

dup dap dup dap!hahaa



  1. kesian pintu rumah menjalara tidak dapat join surprise party kali ini :P

    happy bday encik bebot!

  2. hehehee..pintu tu dah penat dah..hahahaa...

  3. hahahaah so cumey weee...thankss kepada semua yg disenaraikan..heeheheh so so so happy

  4. dah comment ni silalah follow blog saya..sekian..hahaa