February 25, 2011

Appreciate What You Have Now

yup..its been awhile..:) actually i had a tough day this week..i was injured while playing badminton..sprained ankle ok!..hehee..honestly speaking it was funny yet it is hurt...but dun worry..everything will be just fine..i went to see a doctor and they gave me pills to make sure it is ok..:) the most important part is..i got 2 days MC due to the injury..weehooo!..hehehe.. now Alhamdulillah is getting better..only had bruises on the leg..

So, what is the relationship between this story and my title..emmm..what i really want to say is..appreciate what u have now..really mean it..have u ever ask yourself..what life is all about..?? everyone who entitles to their own opinion agrees on something different..to me, life is something precious given to us to live in such a short period of time...whatever it is we do, whomever we let come into our lives is what and how we make it precious...but sometimes we have that empty feeling, that empty space that we need to fill in...either if it's just an empty piece of the puzzle, or a hole to fill into our heart....sometimes that one thing comes sooner than later, or vice versa..

We do not know whether what we have now will last forever..only Allah swt knows what will happen to us today, tomorrow and the day after and after..Normally, people often focus on what they want, and not on what they already have..it sometimes may lead you to take things for granted..Rather than thinking of what you wish you could have, why not first take some time to reflect on what you have right now? Express gratitude for everything you have in your life...Once you can acknowledge and be thankful for what you have, then you can move on to ask for more..So,take time to appreciate what u have now..your life, your family, your loved once..Humans' main reason of being unhappy is that we always are not satisfied with what blessings we have , in order to be satisfied we have to appreciate more what Allah swt gave us..feel free to be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest!

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