December 24, 2010


Do u have habit?What is habit?Habit is a behavior or a set of behaviors that you do automatically, without thinking and consciously intending. When you automatically put on your seat belt once you get in your car, that’s a habit. When you find yourself biting your fingernails, that’s a habit. When you clap your hands after a performance, that’s a habit. Having a 'Bantal Busuk' also is a habit.

Bear in mind that we can also develop habits that are negative and destructive. For example if you like to eat a lot when you feel bored, you are wiring yourself to eat whenever you feel bored. Or the more you allow yourself to lose temper over trivial matters, the more likely it will happen again. That is why we must be very careful and be aware of the habits that we are unconsciously developing every single day.
So, let share about your worst and best habit. As for my worst habit I used to make a movement of an ugly nose.hahahah.silly right?And as for my best habit is checking my answers after I finish writing them so that there are no mistakes. I also used to have this kind of habit but i'm not sure whether it is a worst or best habit. I always think about others whether he/she is comfortable having me around or not because i'm afraid I cannot be the best for them. So it was frustrated sometimes.
First we make our habits, then our habits make us
- Charles C.Nobles -

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